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Frequently Asked Questions

Q & A

Time Commitment

Question: How long is the season?

Answer: Tryouts are late September or early October.   Teams are formed and posted by October 1st.  Tipoff/Meet your team is mid-October with practices to start late October.   The first tournament weekend is normally mid-November here in St Louis Park. Tournaments will run from mid-November thru mid-March. Younger kids will play 6-8 tournaments and older kids will play 8-10.   Parents are expected to volunteer at the fundraiser tournaments SLP Boys Traveling will host at St Louis Park High School.  The tournament will be the week following Grade State in mid-March.


Question: How much and when do you practice?

Answer: Most weeks teams practice twice per week for 90 minutes.   One practice will be on Monday or Tuesday (mostly Monday) and one will be on Thursday or Friday (mostly Thursday).    Exact times and locations of practices for your team will be posted on the association web site under your team's calendar and is updated throughout the season. 

3rd Grade

Question: My son is in third grade.   Is traveling basketball the right place for him?

Answer:   In most traveling tournaments, fourth grade is the youngest level of competition.   Third graders are allowed/encouraged to try out if they are interested.   If there are enough 3rd graders who have the ability to compete at the lowest level 4th grade, we will create a second team to be entered in 6 one day tournaments.  Tournament schedule will run 1st week of December through 1st week of February.  3rd grade will also play in SLP girls sponsored tournament in mid-November.  If a separate "3rd grade" team is not formed, the highest ranking 3rd graders will be considered for a 4th grade team.

Our policy is that the tryout fee for a third grader will be refunded if they are not assigned to a team.

The other option for third grade is to play Park and Rec Basketball.   The City of St Louis Park participates in a league with Crystal, Golden Valley, and Robbinsdale.    This league starts in early January and runs for 10 weeks until mid March.   Most teams practice one a week for 60 minutes on Tuesdays or Thursdays.

Playing time

Question: What is the SLP playing time policy?

Answer: Click here for a link to a document that describes our playing time guidelines.


Question: What size basketball will our son use?

Answer: Grades 6 and below use a smaller "28.5" basketball.  7th grade and older use a full-size basketball (typically full size basketballs do not show the size on them, but are "29.5").


Question: Does my son need to buy a basketball?

Answer:  No, your coach will bring balls to practices and games.  However, it's a great idea to have you own basketball for dribbling/shooting on your own.  If you bring it to practice, make sure it is marked with your name!


Question: Do teams play tournaments or in a league?

Answer:  3rd grade plays a combination of MYAS one day tournaments and association 2 day tournaments.  Both are very competitive, but the MYAS tournaments result in a schedule that is less time consuming for the boys (and families).  Three games are often played in 5 hours.  4th - 8th grades play tournaments exclusively (typically 9 tournaments per year).  5th - 8th grades also participate in one "overnight" tournament (typically in Rochester the first weekend in March).


Question: Where do you play? 

Answer: Tournaments are mostly played at schools throughout the metro area.   Our teams will play in association tournaments hosted in St Louis Park, Anoka, Chanhassen, Waconia, Apple Valley Hopkins, Edina, and Roseville.   5th to 8th grade will also travel to Rochester for an overnight tournament the first weekend in March.


Question: Do I really have to pay to watch my son play basketball?

Answer: Basketball tournaments are all fundraisers for the non-profit basketball associations running the tournaments.    With one exception (Rochester) you can expect to pay $6-$8 per person per day for admission to the tournament.    In Rochester the entry fees are much higher and admission is not charged at the door.    

St Louis Park Boys Traveling hosts tournament games in March the week after our season ends.   Money raised supports scholarships and allows us to keep costs lower than many other associations.


Question: Are players allowed to make a team if they do not attend both tryout sessions in full?


  • We expect boys to attend both tryout sessions.  In an effort to be as fair and accurate as possible in evaluating players, it is best that all players participate in both sessions.
  • If any players are unable to attend or participate (e.g. injury) in both tryouts, they must notify the SLPBTBA President in writing prior to tryouts, and then we will treat each situation on a case by case basis.  Please send your request by Sept 19, 2016 using the link on this website under "Board Of Directors" (Click on link for board president).  Note:  Obviously if a situation arises after the date above, the SLPBTBA president should be notified asap and the board will again treat each situation on a case by case basis.


Question: How are players evaluated and teams selected?


  • Independent evaluators are used for our tryouts.  No parent of a player in grades participating in a session will be used during the tryout evaluations.  Only the boys participating in tryouts and the evaluators are allowed in the gymnasium.
  • The board president has responsibility for registering teams in tournaments at the proper level in addition to leading the team selection meeting process.
  • Our independent evaluators are experienced basketball coaches/evaluators.  They will assess each player's basketball fundamentals (dribbling, passing, catching, shooting, rebounding, defense, offensive movement, etc.) and attitude (hustle, coachability, effort, willingness to listen, etc.).
  • Prior year coaches may be consulted, especially in cases when a player's evaluation puts him "on the bubble" (i.e. near the range of making a team or not).  However, our intent is to only use the results of the independent evaluators.
  • Note:  Our overall objective during tryouts is to create a process that results in fair and accurate team selection.  We believe using independent evaluators who are skilled in assessing basketball talent/potential is the best way to do so.


Question: When are teams selected?


  • Teams will be selected shortly after tryouts (typically within one week).
  • Results will be posted confidentially on our website.

Volunteer Requirement

Question: What is the volunteer requirement for each family in the program?

Answer: Parents will be required to work one shift for each tournament that the Association hosts (typically 1 or more each season).  We typically host the MYAS Rec State championship in mid-March.  Shifts will include concessions, admissions, scorekeeping and operating the scoreboard. They are generally 4 to 5 hours long but can be split in half between two parents or perhaps siblings if needed (must be 16 years old). Hosting tournaments raises funds for the league. Thank you in advance for your commitment.

We will use the Dibs feature on this website to organize volunteers. You will be able to see and claim an available shift through Dibs. Click on Dibs, login and the available shifts will appear. You will receive a message from Dibs confirming your shift. You can cancel your shift through Dibs 7 days prior to the tournament. Within 7 days, the cancellation will need to be approved by the volunteer coordinator.

Head coaches are exempt from the volunteer commitment. Some teams have a team parent or assistant coach but that does not fulfill the volunteer requirement. Thank you for your willingness to help in those areas but nearly every parent is needed to run the tournament. 4 or 5 hours on 1 day is still reasonable compared to other sports which require multiple 3 hours shifts over the year.

A volunteer deposit check will be collected at tryouts.  If volunteer commitments are completed, the check will be not be cashed and be destroyed.  The $200 check must be provided for your son to participate in practice.


Refund Policy

Question: Can I get a refund after I register?

• Players not assigned to a team will receive a 100% refund for registration.   3rd graders not assigned to a team will receive a refund for the tryout fee.
• Requests received prior to 5 days after team announcements will receive a 100% refund minus a $40 administrative fee.
• More than 5 days after team announcements, the only refund requests processed will be because of medical reason or because the family moved from St Louis Park.  These requests will receive a prorated amount based on tournaments played minus a $40 administrative fee.