Tournaments & Playing Time




Question: Do teams play tournaments or in a league?


  • 3rd grade plays a combination of MYAS one day tournaments and association 2 day tournaments.  Both are very competitive, but the MYAS tournaments result in a schedule that is less time consuming for the boys (and families).  Three games are often played in 5 hours.
  • 4th-8th grades play tournaments exclusively (typically 9 tournaments per year).
  • 5th-8th grades also participate in one "overnight" tournament (typically in Rochester the first weekend in March).

2020 Updates: we are targeting 6 tournaments for all grades, except 3rd, which will have 5 tournaments.  The Rochester tournament is not planned this year.


Question: Where do you play? 

Answer: Tournaments are mostly played at schools throughout the metro area.   Our teams will play in association tournaments hosted in St Louis Park, Anoka, Chanhassen, Waconia, Apple Valley Hopkins, Edina, and Roseville.   5th to 8th grade will also travel to Rochester for an overnight tournament the first weekend in March.

2020 Updates: The Rochester tournament is not planned this year.


Question: Do I really have to pay to watch my son play basketball?

Answer: Basketball tournaments are all fundraisers for the non-profit basketball associations running the tournaments.    With one exception (Rochester) you can expect to pay $6-$8 per person per day for admission to the tournament.    In Rochester the entry fees are much higher and admission is not charged at the door.    

St Louis Park Boys Traveling hosts tournament games in March the week after our season ends.   Money raised supports scholarships and allows us to keep costs lower than many other associations.

2020 Update: Many tournaments have moved to "no entry fees" this year.  Number of and specific rules for spectators are still being determined to limit the number of people in gyms and waiting areas.


Playing Time


Question: What is the SLP playing time policy?

Answer: Click here for a link to a document that describes our playing time guidelines.