Time Commitment


Question: How long is the season?


  • Tryouts are late September or early October.
  • Teams are formed and posted by October 1st.
  • Tipoff/Meet your team is mid-October with practices to start late October.
  • The first tournament weekend is normally mid-November here in St Louis Park.
  • Tournaments will run from mid-November thru mid-March.  Younger kids will play 6-8 tournaments and older kids will play 8-10.
  • Parents are expected to volunteer at the fundraiser tournaments SLP Boys Traveling will host at St Louis Park High School.  The tournament will be the week following Grade State in mid-March.

2020 Updates: Tryouts will be scheduled October 24th (times TBD), with teams formed and announced by November 1st, and practices beginning after November 1st.  We are targeting 6 tournaments for every level and 5 tournaments for 3rd grade.


Question: How much and when do you practice?


  • Most weeks teams practice twice per week for 90 minutes.  One practice will be on Monday or Tuesday (mostly Monday) and one will be on Thursday or Friday (mostly Thursday).
  • Exact times and locations of practices for your team will be posted on the association web site under your team's calendar and is updated throughout the season.