Registration Eligibility & Tryouts


Registration Eligibility


Question: Where does my son need to attend school or where do I need to live to be eligible to register?

Answer: players need to live in Saint Louis Park the city limits or attend Saint Louis Park schools to be eligible.  We do not validate this information until forming teams (after tryouts), so if you do not meet these requirements and register, your registration fees will be refunded but the try out fee will not be refunded.  Use this link to view the boundaries we are using to determine Saint Louis Park city limits.




Question: Are players allowed to make a team if they do not attend both tryout sessions in full?


  • We expect boys to attend both tryout sessions.  In an effort to be as fair and accurate as possible in evaluating players, it is best that all players participate in both sessions.
  • If any players are unable to attend or participate (e.g. injury) in both tryouts, they must notify the SLPBTBA President in writing prior to tryouts, and then we will treat each situation on a case by case basis.  Please send your request at least one week prior to tryouts by contacting our President (listed on Board Of Directors page) Note: If a situation arises after the date above, the SLPBTBA President should be notified ASAP and the board will again treat each situation on a case-by-case basis.

2020 Update: tryouts are scheduled for October 24th between 7:30a-3:00p.  Exact grade-level times and our approach to tryouts this year are still being finalized.


Question: How are players evaluated and teams selected?


  • Independent evaluators are used for our tryouts.  No parent of a player in grades participating in a session will be used during the tryout evaluations.  Only the boys participating in tryouts and the evaluators are allowed in the gymnasium.
  • The board president has responsibility for registering teams in tournaments at the proper level in addition to leading the team selection meeting process.
  • Our independent evaluators are experienced basketball coaches/evaluators.  They will assess each player's basketball fundamentals (dribbling, passing, catching, shooting, rebounding, defense, offensive movement, etc.) and attitude (hustle, coachability, effort, willingness to listen, etc.).
  • Prior year coaches may be consulted, especially in cases when a player's evaluation puts him "on the bubble" (i.e. near the range of making a team or not).  However, our intent is to only use the results of the independent evaluators.
  • Note: Our overall objective during tryouts is to create a process that results in fair and accurate team selection.  We believe using independent evaluators who are skilled in assessing basketball talent/potential is the best way to do so.

2020 Update: tryouts will be scheduled between October 21st-October 24th.  Our approach to tryouts this year are still being finalized.


Question: When are teams selected?

Answer: Teams will be selected shortly after tryouts (typically within one week).  Results will be posted confidentially on our website.